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Company Overview

G&E Industrial Supplies provides material and service to dozens of different industries in Texas, New Mexico, and Juarez, Mexico. We are the dependable source for small repair shops to large manufacturing plants. Since 1989, the company has developed a reputation for being able to identify the necessary solutions for industrial equipment and supplies, and procure them on behalf of our customers.

Years of experience and good relations with specialized manufacturers and wholesalers gives our company a unique position in the market.  Our experienced team has helped our customers get the parts they require when they need them for over 30 years.  Our experience is vital when parts for your equipment are difficult to find.  No order is too large, too small, or too complicated for us to handle.  Our strong points are fast deliveries, competitive pricing, and most importantly, our experienced sales staff.

We are ready to help with designing and/or selecting the most efficient and cost-effective industrial equipment, delivery systems, and products based on your needs.  We will promptly research available products and provide pricing and recommendations.

Industrial Parts and Supplies

G&E specializes in the products, parts, and service needed for industry. Whether you need a whole new system or just parts or service, G&E is ready to help! Click on the links to see many of the brands we carry and a list of some of the items we supply.

Free Quotes and Information from Experienced Representatives.

G&E Industrial Supplies represents hundreds of brands. They can help you find what you need at a terrific price. Let G&E use their expertise to find the solution that best meets your needs.

Sustainable Growth

G&E’s constant focus on customer service has resulted in the success of our company.

Product Delivery

G&E provides prompt delivery and service for our customers.

Service and Support

We have a dedicated support center which provides unsurpassed customer service

Customer Centric

G&E goes above and beyond to provide a positive customer experience before and after the sale in order to build trust and develop a partnership with our clients.

Business Ethic

G&E operates our business with sincerity and honesty to deliver the best product and service possible.


G&E provides knowledge of preventative maintenance and service on numerous industrial equipment and products.

Saving Money without Sacrificing Quality

G&E is proud to serve El Paso, Las Cruces, Juarez, and other regional cities, and can easily supply you with the original equipment manufacturer's (OEM) part.  In addition, we think it’s great to have options.  We continually research new products, and secure the resources for high quality after-market parts at a fraction of the cost of brand name components.

"After Market" parts save you money. It's like buying equally-effective generic drugs at your local pharmacy.  After-market parts always meet or exceed OEM standards, enjoy the same warranties, and allow you to put aside money for other projects, which often makes them your best solution.

G&E Industrial Supplies sells hundreds of brands. We can help you find what you need at a competitive price. Contact the El Paso office @ 915 598 6137