Brands We carry

Airguard and Purolator are Parker brands. For over 50 years, Parker has been improving the quality of air all around the world with products that define excellence. Parker’s HVAC Filtration Division employs the latest innovative and patented technologies, proprietary materials, and testing methods to engineer filters that outperform and outlast similar products on the market.

Actuators & Controls, Automatic Control Valves, Backflow Preventers, Balancing Valves, Ball Valves, Butterfly Valves, Gates, Globes & Checks, Medical Gas Valves, Mixing Valves, Needle Valves, Pipeline Strainers, Plumbing & Heating, Safety Relief Valves, Water Pressure Reducing Valves.

Pumps: Armstrong manufacturer Hot Water Circulators, Wet Rotor Circulator, Variable Speed Circulators, Circulating Pumps with Union Connection.

EMERSON ASCO is the world leader in the control of fluids – air, gas, water, oil and steam. ASCO offer the most comprehensive line of fluid control solutions for a wide range of industry-focused application. ASCO have more than 50,000 highly reliable products encompassing solenoid valves, actuators and pressure & temperature switches.

Beacon Medaes is a leader in medical gas and laboratory gas systems. Within the medical gas market, they specialize in NFPA and HTM-ISO standard products such as medical air systems, medical vacuum systems, WAGD plants, manifolds, monitoring equipment and pipeline components.

Chromalox delivers Temperature Management Solutions for piping systems, valves, and tanks, Process Heating Solutions for revenue-generating industrial processes, Component Heating Solutions for industrial equipment manufacturers.

Crown Engineering Corporation is one of the largest manufactures of electrodes, flame rods, and probes for ignition related applications regarding oil and gas fired equipment. They also manufacture industrial igniters, couplers, putty, gauge glass, fractional V-Belts.


Pressure Gauges, Air Velocity meters, Flow Transmitters, Flow Sensors, Bin Vibrators, Level Switches, Temperature gauges, Process Control Alarm Switch Modules, Chart Recorders, Data Loggers, Test Equipment, Valves.

Forbes Marshall is the manufacture of high-quality Steam and Fluid Specialty products. Products include Steam Traps, Steam Valves, Regulators, Control Valve, NVR, Steam Recovery System, Steam Metering and Safety Valves.

FS Curtis Air Compressors: Rotary Screw Air Compressors, Oil Free Compressors, Air Treatment Accessories, Aftermarket Solutions.

A new type soft-spun air filter media (Glasfloss) made by the newly patented Modigliani process was introduced by Pittsburgh Plate Glass (PPG) in 1950. Today Glassfloss stands poised to lead the industry in the 21st Century by furnishing the special needs of the air filtration industry with quality products, competitive price and reliable on time delivery.

Invensys is now Schneider Electric Company Automation Software Computer-based Automation Hardware Systems Temperature Controllers Control Systems.

Through industry-leading expertise and proprietary blending techniques, Isel’s engineers and chemists formulate lubricants of the highest quality for virtually every industrial application. Air Compressor Lubricants, NXT Refrigeration Lubricants, Caldera Heat Transfer Fluids, Industrial Lubricants.

ITT McDonnell & Miller: Boiler Controls and Power Switches. McDonnell and Miller are now part of ITT. The range of McDonnell & Miller includes several products for the petrochemical and process industries. McDonnell & Miller specializes particularly in Boiler Controls and power switches.

Jomar has several patented and unique valve solutions in their products line. The most prominent of these being the Add-A-Valve, an emergency shut off device designed to eliminate shutdowns, the Filter Ball, a combination shut off valve and strainer.

Kunkle delivers quality products from cryogenic to high temperature and vacuum to high pressure Steam, Air, Gas, and Liquid applications. Top industrial and commercial safety relief valve.

Legend offers more than 9,000 products representing 80 plus product classes designed for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Everything you many need for behind the wall, Legend has the most expansive offering of valves, fittings, tubing and components for plumbing and hydronic systems.

Water Heaters for commercial businesses. Indirect plate and frame commercial water heaters, Armor Condensing Water Heater, Outdoor Water Heater and Accessories.

Filtration: Marine filtration, RV Filtration, DIY Series, Designer Water Treatment, Filtration Replacement Cartridges.

Precision Boilers manufactures industry-leading electric hot water boilers and steam generators. Product include Water Boilers, Steam Boilers, Steam Generators, Deaerators & Feedwater, Blowdown Tanks, Water Heaters and Storage Tanks.

CATO Western REPTECH Gauges: Industrial Supply gauges, Special Gauges, Liquid Filled Gauges, Process Gauges, Dry Utility Gauges, Special Purpose Gauges, Thermometers, Accessories.

Natural Gas Regulators with Large Capacity for Big Performance. Gas Meters, Gas Regulators, Diaphragm Meters.

Here you will find Siemens’ comprehensive offering for automation technology and the digitalization of production. Automation Systems, Industrial Controls, Industrial Communication.

TEADIT® Group is recognized worldwide as a leader in the development and manufacturing of innovative products for critical fluid sealing processes. The wide variety of sealing solutions developed by Teadit® have been important tools for many industries including the Refining, Chemical Process, and Power Generation industries.

Temperature Products: Tel-Tru is a manufacturer of bimetal and digital thermometers as well as other temperature instruments and related accessories. Pressure Gauges, pressure transmitters. Compost Thermometer, Photo Development Thermometer.

U.S. SEAL MFG. is one of the leading suppliers of mechanical pump seals in the United States for over 60 years. The U.S. SEAL MFG. product line represents 95% of the replacement seal market. They offer a wide selection of head types and mating ring designs and stock thousands of seals in differing materials of construction.

All plumbing & Flow Control products, Water Quality & Rainwater Harvesting Solutions, Drainage Solutions, HVAC and Hot Water Solutions. Fire Protection Systems, Gas Safety Systems, Irrigation Systems, Radiant Heating & Cooling Systems, Snow Melting Systems.